Senin, 27 Desember 2010


dead :: :-)

Selasa, 21 September 2010

deadwolf studio prints available at else press, :)

and don't forget to see another talented artist works,

Selasa, 06 Juli 2010

dead :: im just interviewed for a local magazine called 45 magazine and this is the first time! so exited about it :)

Senin, 19 April 2010

wolf :: i remake an old artwork into something like this, hope you like it :)

dead :: a poster based on fight the germs , acrylic . pscs3 . aics3 . it will be published soon insya allah.

Selasa, 13 April 2010

wolf :: hello, i hope you all well, this is my personal work that i've done a years ago, but i still like it. we've been very busy right now so we will upload it with some unpublishided folks from me (wolf :D)

Kamis, 08 April 2010

dead :: finally this is our official logo. it's made from black letter, and represent us, me ( dead ) and him (wolf ). geometric shape also represent our signature on the next project. we will update soon with an unpublished old folks from wolf. thx :)